Steampunk Armour and Gauntlet

This piece started off life as a leather gauntlet which I subsequently expanded. The main idea came from a piece of quartz crystal that I had. I had an idea for securing it inside a metal ring as though power was being drawn from it somehow. The piece kind of flowed from there after that and I couldn’t resist putting together a video for it. I do plan to do another video at some point which’ll be abit more substantial.

I put a blue LED underneath the crystal to make it glow.

It’s mainly made from veg tan leather which was covered with detail made from a variety of found objects including a pressure gauge I’d got off ebay and a light fitting that sat in the palm. The cables are made from a sink unblocker that I got from a £1 shop. The long silver thing is some sort of medical probe I got from ebay.

The brass panelling looks quite effective I think. It’s quite easy to do and can be cut with scissors but looks abit more substantial than that would suggest.

I started expanding this piece. This version includes a sculpted shoulder pad which was partially inspired by the armour in Game of Thrones, although to be honest it ended up looking more like something from Warhammer 40k. This was sculpted in chavant oil clay over a frame made of cardboard and plastic. I then made a mould and cast it in fibre glass.

The chest piece was made from the interior mechanism for a VCR. I then added a load of cogs and mechanisms to ‘steampunk it up’ abit. Once again I used some quartz crystal with an LED to light it up.

Here’re some pics of me wearing this at The Asylum steampunk festival