Demon Mech

This is a mech constructed for the Original Mecha Contest 2021. The model is mostly constructed from acrylic plastic, plastic tubing and cast resin pieces. I’ve used a few found objects here and there, but it’s mostly scratch built.

The idea is that this is the creation of an AI tasked with rebuilding a lost civilisation. With only partial records available it’s information is not complete and so it doesn’t realise that the history it’s been reading is actually from a myth. 

Using automated factories that were originally intended for manufacturing industrial machinery, it’s created a mechanical demon. This mechanical demon now prowls the wasteland above, preying on the last few remnants of humanity.

An over-heating reactor causes the robot to burn hot, with intense heat pouring from multiple exhaust ports across its body. Blue light spills from the long abandoned construction facility at the robots feet.

Here’s my build series