The Lady of Pain

Some years ago I had a go at making The Lady of Pain from the Dungeons and Dragons Planescape setting.  I wanted to try some patination techniques to corrode some brass and the character is shown as being made from corroded brass, so it seemed like a good plan.  My original attempt is pictured further down the page, but I’ve recently had another go at it which has been a little more successful.  I put together a build log covering the piece and even had some fun creating a CG version of Sigil, the city that The Lady of Pain governs in the Planescape setting.

Credit to Dana Knutson, the original designer of the Lady of Pain and Cindy and Robh Ruppel, Dave Sutherland, Dennis Kauth, Diesel LaForce, Rob Lazzaretti, Steve Beck and Dennis Kauth who were all involved in the creation of the original sculpture used for the Planescape setting.

Here’s my build log.

Here’re some pics of my previous attempt.