I am a sculptor and model maker based in London, England. I create models, sculptures and costume pieces in a variety of mediums and genres. I also dabble in VFX and video.

The Dark Power is just a user name, and abit of a nerdy one at that. If you know where it comes from then you’re probably in the right place.

I don’t really feel the need to say too much about myself as I prefer to let the work be the main attraction but I have been sculpting and creating for over 20 years. I started off working on short horror films before focussing on my own projects.

Although I don’t particularly like the term, I work as an independent artist focussing on fantasy and scifi. I enjoy learning new techniques to try in my projects and have a significant interest in the process by which pieces are created, as well as the pieces themselves. I include this in regular videos on my YouTube channel which has a heavy focus on how my pieces are created.

As well as my own projects I have created numerous pieces for private collectors, museums and companies, costume pieces for musicians and music videos for bands.

Game of Thrones HBO exhibition
National Space Centre exhibition

Steampunk’s become something of a major obsession of mine. I regularly attend steampunk events around the UK and often exhibit my sculptures and costume pieces.

I enjoy meeting other creators and love seeing the amazing costumes and gadgets that are on show at steampunk events.

Here’s my stand at Steampunks in Space at the National Space Center.