Dead Space

This is a mixed media sculpture of Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space series of video games. I love Dead Space. The design aesthetic is fantastic and it’s like all my favourite films (Aliens, Event Horizon, Sunshine, Hellraiser etc) rolled into one.

Isaac has a wide variety of different suits (RIGs) to choose from so I’ve kind of made my own version here, but it has elements from the EVA suit from Dead Space 3 and the elite suit from Dead Space 2.

I found myself using many more techniques on this one than I’d planned. The main body is mostly made from sculpey with some parts made from milliput. The knee pad was moulded in silicon and cast in resin. I spent quite a while trying to find the correct shape. In the end I incorporated a minstrel into the sculpture ;0) The knee/shin pads were originally going to be cardboard that I intended to cover in sculpey or miliput. In the end I used shaped and soldered brass.

Here’s a video looking at the making of this piece.