I’ve finished my 40k Space Marine sculpture.  This one got a little involved as it requires lots of individual moulds and cast pieces to realise the final version, but we’ve got to finish line finally.

Here’s the second part of my build series:

And here’re some more pics:

Orc Sculpture

Here’s a new piece I’m currently working on.  Many of my recent projects have involved multiple moulding and casting passes before arriving at a final piece, so I wanted to do something abit simpler.  While I do plan to mould this I’ll be able to do a single mould and roto cast it for a hollow cast in resin. Much simpler than multiple individual moulds and pressure casting etc.

I’ve also been doing alot of hard edged moulding recently so it’s nice to do a pure sculpture.

Scifi Rescue Suit Sculpture

I’ve finished my scifi helmet sculpture which ended up looking very much like a scifi rescue suit – maybe a future coast guard suit or something.

This was a sculpted bust which I moulded and rotocast in polyurethane resin.  I then scratch built the helmet and suit.

Here’re some more pics

And here’s the second part of my build video.

Scifi helmet sculpture

Here’s a new piece I’m working on.  I’m trying to continue the approach I took with other recent projects which is to combine sculpture and hard edged modelling together in one piece.