A Gentleman can’t be seen without his hat

I’ve had another go at taking some pics of the new steampunk get-up. I’ve added a bracket that holds the top hat in place. I figured that even if this guy is trapped in an electro-shock gizmo, he still wouldn’t want to be seen without his hat ;0)

Here’s a pic:

DSC_0632 copy02

And here’s a Flickr photoset too.

Steampunk Mask

A few more pics.  The apparatus is made from various pieces including pieces from old cameras.

To accompany the mask I’m also making a skull cap which I’ve sculpted in chavant oil clay. The idea is that this is either an electro shock skull cap or maybe from an electric chair. The circles will each have cables dangling down as though the skull cap had been wrenched from equipment that it was previously attached to. I’m hoping they’ll look like dreadlocks.

The idea is that the character has been disfigured by the electro shock therapy he’s received and that’s why he’s wearing the mask. The whole thing will be topped off with a jauntily angled top hat ;0)

The silver mechanical piece is the heads from a VHS player.

Here’s a quick shot of the plaster mould I’ve made of the chavant skull piece. I’ll be laminating this with more fibre glass.

New Steampunk Project – few more pics

I’ve done a little more work on this.  As well as the mask the idea is that it comprises a skkull cap perhaps like those used in electric chairs or shock therapy.  There’s be loads of cables hanging down from it like dreadlocks.

Here’re the beginnings of that idea.  I’ve incorporated the heads from an old VHS player into the piece.



Geist Goggles

I’ve finished off the steampunk goggles now.   I’ve added a light in the goggles and (not pictured) the fan on the power plant now moves.

Today was spent taking pics of my brother in full steampunk get-up.

There will also be a vid so I’m not quite done with this one, but the build is all finished at least.

Update: having thunk about it for abit I reckon these could be called ‘Geist Goggles’, for spotting specters, spooks and spirits ;0)

Here’s a photoset on Flickr.

Slatter’s Steam Powered Power Plant

Quick update on the steampunk gear.  I’ve finished off the power plant with a plaque and a battery to make the fan rotate.  I’ve also added a light to the goggles.  I’ll have some proper pictures this weekend, but for now here’s some pics of the power plant:



Technology circa 1847…..

DSC_0160So here’s a quick update on the steampunk project. I’m really getting into the whole steampunk thing, wanna make some more stuff – I’ve been wandering through the shops buyiong various bits of objet d’art!

99p stores are a godsend – I managed to buy a load of belts for a quid each so the powerplant can now be strapped to the arm.

I’ve also been working on the goggles.  I’ve been putting some padding in so they’re more comfortable to wear.  They’re not too bad now and you can balance them on your forehead so you don’t have all the weight pressing on the bridge of your nose.

My brother’s coming over next weekend so we’ll be doing some decent shots in full costume before we start on doing the video.
He also had an idea for doing a quick ‘advert’ for the goggles – the idea is that they enable you to see ghosts and specters!  Maybe do something along the lines of the plasmid ads in Bioshock. Should be fun.