Evil Little Bastards

I’ve been designing deformed embryos, as you do.  These are partly concept designs for that horror film, but I also plan to use them in an upcoming top secret project, wahahahahahahahaha.

These were done quite quickly.  I sculpted one in super sculpey then made a press mold out of putty silicon and pushed sculpey into the mold for the second sculpture.  I modified the sculpt slightly to add an open mouth – I kinda had to anyway as I’d accidentally squashed it’s nose getting it out of the mold.

I went abit nuts with the camera halfway through photographing these and got a bit experimental.  I really like the kind of look you get from setting the shutter to stay open for longer than usual – you just kinda wave whatever it is you’re photographing about to make it all swirly.

The Mask and others……

So, continuing my usual practice of starting a new project before finishing the last, here’s some concept sculpts that I’ve been working on.  These are for a horror film that I’ve been hired to produce the effects for.  The film involves a ‘haunted’ mask, so these are exploring how that could look on film.

In other news I’m finishing off the last few bits of sound for A Tale from the Endless Stair and also a few pickup shots.  I’ve also been having another go at the editing for this video which I started ages ago.

Terminator 4.5

Have decided to do a short video pastiche using the terminator make-up as it’s abit pointless just making the damn thing then not using it for anything! Unless a handy fancy dress party shows up of course.  The last one I went to had a 30s theme, so a cyborg might not’ve fit in.  They are time travellers though I guess….

Anyway, I digest…

I’m going to do something similar to the scene in the first film where the terminator fixes himself after the car crash.  The idea I have is that it starts off with a close up of water .  Suddenly a drop of blood falls in and swirls around.  The shot widens til we see a figure standing in front of a bathroom mirror.  He rather ominously picks up a craft knife and does something to his face, then a drill.   The shot then changes to over the shoulder and we see the metal skull etc in the mirror.  He then picks up his gun and departs.

Nice and short and easy.  I had great fun dripping droplets of food colouring into the bathroom sink last night.  Creates some rather nice patterns.

I’ve also made a mold of the sculpture for the make-up pictured in the last post so will be ready to cast it up soon.  I’ve found some aluminium powder in the cupboard which I bought for something else a while back.  I’m going to mix it into the resin to give it a metallic effect instead of painting the piece.  Should give it a more authentic look.

Pics and video soon as they’re ready!


OK so started thinking about the robots for the We’ll Write video.

The idea from the start is that they’d be kinda retro, something like these:

So, I’ve done some rough sketches. The first is the main robot. The idea for the big eye is I recently broke my camera so I figured I could build the lens into it’s head then have a light behind it which would shine through.

The second robot is disguised as a house. I figured they’d been lying in wait for sometime, abit like that scary documentary I saw recently, ‘Transformers’.

The robots are going to be constructed as large stop motion animation puppets. I’ll probably make the basic forms out of wood then cover them in a layer of plastic details.

Even more Embryos

Another photoshop, this time examining possibilities for the finished look of the thing.

I very much want to get a look that shows off the underlying blood vessels. As it’s an embryo and thus not fully developed I figured you’d see more of this than you normally would on a fully grown creature.

The photoshop has several layers of blood vessels showing through at various levels of transparency.

The final puppet will be cast in semi-translucent silicon over a basic form comprised of rubber blood vessels. This will hopefully approximate what can be seen in the above pic.

Higher res version here: http://www.thedarkpower.com/Embryo/Embryo%20colour%20concept.jpg