David ‘Zeb’ Cook

This might not mean much to you if you’re not a nerd like me, however it looks like one of my Lady of Pain sculptures has made it all the way to David ‘Zeb’ Cook, the lead designer of the Dungeons & Dragons Planescape setting.  He tweeted the below and also posted on facebook.  I made a bunch of these for ‘DND Collecting‘ on twitter a while back and he said he intended to try to get one to him and it looks like he succeeded.

I was able to exchange a few words with him on facebook and I took the opportunity to ask him whether the original Lady of Pain logo was a physical model or some digital art as it’s difficult to tell just by looking at it.  It looks like a physical model and I’m not sure how likely it would be to be digital art given that the books were originally published in the early 90s.

He said; ‘The original was line art by Dana Knutson when he was creating faction symbol designs.  Seeing it, I created the Lady of Pain to match the image and from there we decided she should be the logo. I’m pretty sure that Robh Ruppel’s wife sculpted her to use for the box logo. Not 100% on that, but Robh would know‘.

So not confirmation one way or the other exactly, but interesting nonetheless.  It was nice to be able to speak to one of the people who created one of the most iconic D&D settings ever made.  Aside from the various Lady of Pain sculptures that I’ve made over the years, it’s no coincidence that the logo for my website uses the Exocet font – that’s the font used extensively in the Planescape setting.  So it had a major impact on me.  Even the website name ‘The Dark Power’ is from a D&D game, specifically referencing The Dark Powers that rule the Ravenloft campaign setting.  So D&D had a major influence on me growing up and it’s really nice to have some contact with one of the people responsible for developing it.  Kinda brings things full circle somehow.

Edit – Robh Ruppel subsequently confirmed that his wife Cindy sculpted the face, the blades were created by ‘the guys in mapping’ (maybe a separate department?) and he gave it a patina.  So it was an actual sculpture at one point which is really interesting.  I wonder where it ended up? 😉

The Lady of Pain

About five years ago I had a go at making The Lady of Pain from the Dungeons and Dragons Planescape setting.  I wanted to try some patination techniques to corrode some brass and the character is shown as being made from corroded brass, so it seemed like a good plan.  My original attempt is here, but I’ve recently had another go at it which has been a little more successful.  I’ve put together a build log covering the piece and even had some fun creating a CG version of Sigil, the city that The Lady of Pain governs in the Planescape setting.

Here’re some pics of the piece

The Lady of Pain


And here are some shots of Sigil 🙂  It’s been good fun creating images from a game that was discontinued back in the 90s!  I’d love it  if a film was made in the setting one day, I fear this might be too obscure a property to get that kind of treatment though, alas.

Sigil - Planescape D&D

Lady of Pain Banner