2 thoughts on “The Asylum Steampunk Festival 2016

  1. Hi Joe,

    It was great to meet and speak at the Asylum on the Friday. We also watched your fascinating talk on the eco-suit arm on the Saturday. Very well done. It was good to see the actual arm, up close and personal, as it were.

    I’ve just watched your latest You Tube video, Sculpting with Chavant. Another well made video of a very interesting subject. I look forward to the next instalment, as I do to seeing what you come up with for next years Lincoln Asylum.

    I must say that I have been fascinated by your famous mask for several years, since I first saw it being posed outside the Lincoln Assembly rooms by a person clad in white with wings and wearing a Jet pack. I suspect that it was not you in the white gown as I have recently seen some “Immaginarium” photos that seem to show another persons in that outfit. I did, however, see you wearing it last year (2015) in Lincoln Castle grounds. I took some photos, some of which are on my Flickr page. I still find it fascinating. I think it must be its enigmatic, emotionless stare that fascinates me. Anyway, what ever the reason, long may it live.

    Brian R Jeffery

    1. Hi Brian

      Nice to meet you too and thanks for coming along to the talk. Abit nerve wracking, but it went OK I think!

      Thanks – yes that one was actually worn by a friend of mine called Adam. I made one as a private commission for Julie who’s involved in the Imaginarium and she ended up using it in the photo series. Adam was wearing her version.

      It’s become a bit popular over the years, so it’s nice that people have reacted well to it! It was originally made for a horror film and was then adapted into a steampunk version for a music video for my brother!

      Take care


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