In the future there is only war

It’s been a while since I made anything that wasn’t connected to a video or some larger project, so I’ve started making something just for fun. I’ve recently been playing Dawn of War II which is a computer game set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40, 000 universe, so I’ve decided to make a space marine, based on something like this picture (which is an ultramarine for those familiar with such things).

The model’s a ‘mixed media’ piece, and I’m approaching it more like a model making project rather than a sculpture; so while there’s some sculpted pieces in there, it’s mostly made from found materials and some bits and pieces I’ve bought from a craft shop.  The shoulder pads are made from egg shaped pieces of polystyrene and detailing is being made from foam board and plastic.  I’ve also bought some miniature roses for detailing.

Here’s a pic with a coke can and Warhammer miniature to give an idea of scale.  The main body’s been made of sculpey over a polystyrene core which I’ve baked hard and then sanded to give a smooth finish.

It’s going to be detailed with motifs and weapons etc made from foam core, plastic etc, I’ll still need to sculpt a head arms and hands though.  I’m also going to print out some transfers for detail work such as text, pics etc.

Here’s some more pics

And finally here’s a pic of my Warhammer 40K and Epic scale dreadnaughts which are currently sitting on my (rather dusty) computer desk.  I’ve still got a space marines army sitting (in pieces) in a box somewhere.

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