I’ve been having a go at doing some weathering paint techniques, mostly following this video by Scale Model Medic on Youtube.  It involves first painting a layer of rust using an enamel varnish and powder pigments.  You then mask off some of the rust with a layer of latex and paint the top layer.  Once it’s all dry you can peel the latex away to create quite a realistic effect.  You can also go back to the rust layer and reactivate it with a thinner to make it run.

Here’re some pics.



It’s a nice technique and produces some really realistic results. It’s also pretty easy to do.  If you’re interested, I’m using humbrol weathering powders.

Here’re a few earlier attempts.  I found you’re better off using lighter colours so the rust shows up more clearly.

DSC_7623 DSC_7628

I’m using the technique to do some chipped paint on a new piece that I’ve just realised I haven’t mentioned yet – going to be a big corroded robot face that I’m making for the Steampunks in Space event I’m taking part in later in the year.  I’ll stick some pics up soon, but here’s a preview in the meantime 😉

This is in no way finished but I’m imagining this thing was once painted but has spent thousands of years at the bottom of the sea, so there’ll be some trace of the original paint remaining, but it’ll mostly be all corroded and destroyed.



Here’s the video tutorial I’ve been following.

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