More goggles!

Here’re some goggles I made for my steampunk friends Sue & Jon.

DSC_6902 DSC_6913

They’re the same design as my previous steampunk goggles, I’ve personalised them however.  Jon is well known for his amazing steampunk union jack coat so his had to be union jack goggles, whereas Sue insisted that hers be bright pink, or steampink, if you will 😉

2015-08-01 13.31.43 2015-08-01 13.39.28

The small lens details are some that I made a while back as a batch for a previous set of goggles.  I thought it’d be cool to include them here.   As you can see I had some problems getting the colour right on the union jack bits.  This was because the red and blue leather dyes I was using were coming out really dark, so I tried using a base coat of a white leather paint.  That worked for the blue but the red went a really weird sort of purple.  So then I tried painting over it with red acrylic which went all lumpy!

I gave up and went back and had another go.  As you can see below I scored out the lines of the flag detail into the leather first.  I then built up the colours in layers of diluted dye to give the final look.




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