Fit the Fourth

Two updates in one day?!  Yes, I’m a little busier than usual.  This is kind of tied into the ‘Lab 558‘ video that I’m currently making as it’s the album artwork for my brother’s new album.  I’ll also be creating  some inlay artwork using elements from the video.



This started off with a shot of Tom pressing his hand up against the window in the back door at mum’s house.  I sculpted a tentacle in super sculpey which he held in place.  Here’s the original image:


cleaned up the join between finger and tentacle in photoshop and isolated Tom and his hand separately using the path tool – I needed two masks as the hand’s in focus and has a hard edge whereas the rest is out of focus and has a soft edge.

We found an appropriate lab image for the background on google however as it wasn’t marked as being rights free we decided we couldn’t use it. I decided to create my own lab in after effects using some Element 3D models and some stills that I created in photoshop, positioned in 3D space.  This was handy actually as it meant I could adjust the camera angle using the AE camera to better match the foreground element of Tom.  Here’s the lab image.  It doesn’t look like much but it doesn’t need to as once it’s out of focus you don’t see so much of it:

lab BG replacement

Finally we needed a reflection of a ruined city which I created in After Effect again using Element 3D and a few other Video Copilot stock elements.  The tentacles are from Beast of the Air 😉  This was all combined together using some grime and glass elements which I added using various blending modes in photoshop.

Comp 1 (0-00-00-02)

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