Tom. In a box.

My brother has released a new CD and he needed some artwork.  I’ve done abit of this previously.  One of the songs is about being kept in stasis in a water tank (or something) so we did some pictures along those lines……

I started off by photographing Tom against a black background.  In order to make it look like he was underwater we suspended his hair in the air with clips and fishing line.

Here he is looking stupid:

The breathing apparatus was cobbled together the night before from some bits and pieces I had lying about.  The frame around the tank was made of plastic and shot separately on green screen then comped in later.

The water was created using a variety of particle systems in After Effects.  I also used various distortion effects to create bubbles and ripples and various other elements such as coloured smoke were overlaid over the original image.

All in all quite a fun project.  Here’s a Flickr gallery of all the images.  Oh, and you can listen to the CD/EP, whatever it is, here.

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