Not posted in a while, not because I’ve not been doing anything, but because I’ve been doing loads and haven’t had a chance to get round to writing anything.

So what have I been doing….first off I decided to do a sculpture of the alien.  Despite loving the design and the film series I’ve never got round to making one.

Not sure why, a friends birthday was coming up though so this seemed a good opportunity to have a go.

The lv4026 sign is due to the fact it’s his 40th ;0)

There are some better pics here

Secondly I’ve been putting together some more steampunk items for this years Asylum in Lincoln.

There’re four of us going so we need four main costume pieces.  I’ve already made two here and here but need a few more.  These are going to consist of a half corset that will include a potion belt the beginnings of which you can see below.  I’ve also started a large belt which will include an old clock face.  Maybe it can be some kind of time travel belt or something.

I’ve also put together a bracer emblazoned with a kraken design.  I abandoned the original plan to cast this in resin with metal filler and instead opted to paint it.

Aside from all that I’ve been doing a few small severed finger gags to be used in a couple of ‘please turn off your mobile’ ads at this years Frightfest!

The main item is I’m working on a new music video, I’ll post separately about that however.

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