Being Troubled by a Glowy Menace

I’ve been having another go at doing abit more motion tracking.  The orb was created using a tutorial from Video Co-Pilot.  Tracking the orb to the shot was relatively straightforward, especially bearing in mind that I’d shot the video with that in mind. I even managed to track the motion of my brothers tongue!

The trickiest bit was adding in some grading to make it look like the orb was casting blue light on nearby objects.  I did this by duplicating the video layer, changing the colour of the duplicate so it was biased towards the blue then using masks to allow some of that blue to come through the first video layer in the areas I wanted.  In sections where the ball moves I copied the tracking data from the shot in question to an adjustment layer with a mask.   This then followed the ball around as it moved and looked as though the glow was tied to it (I hope).

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