After Effects

So I’ve managed to get my hands on the Adobe CS5 suite which includes After Effects.  I’ve used AE before at work but mostly to animate graphics.  I’ve been having a go with the motion tracking tools which open up some exciting possibilities – previously adding in shots of my models to video had been awkward at best as I couldn’t match the camera movement of the shot.  The motion tracking tools let you do precisely that so I’m having abit of a practise before me and Tom embark on another steampunk opus ;0)

In other news Tom’s coming over on the weekend and we’re going to do a simple vid for one of his songs.  It’ll mostly just be him playing the guitar although I’ll try and add some graphics to it I think.

Here’re a few short clips I’ve done.  Some basic stuff really but you gotta start somewhere.  I’m making extensive use of Andrew Kramer’s tutorials on Video Copilot.  Really does give you an idea of what can be done with the software.

One thought on “After Effects

  1. i hope that ship in tracking test 1 has a humpner gurble to flopner gibbit the sky craken with or you wil never catch it. xxx

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