It’s taking over my front room!

I always had a feeling that one day I’d end up using my flat in one of my projects.  The thing is, with an obsession such as mine, everything else is secondary.  Don’t have a workshop?  No problem, the kitchen will do – I can eat out of tins.

Need a studio?  No worries, use the front room.  Need to fit a cable in there?  No worries, just knock a hole through the wall.

OK I haven’t done that yet, but I can imagine it happening some day.

The art/life balance takes another swing in the ‘wrong’ direction today at any rate as my window begins to turn into a gigeresque, steampunk inspired hell machine.


This is basically a giant shadow puppet screen which will be used in the Spinning the Compass video I’m doing.    Most of the furniture will be similarly covered in machinery or removed when finished.  Here it is lit with a few gels.


This has been designed so that it can make use of the existing wall plugs from my curtains to hold it in place and be removed without causing any damage to the existing paintwork.  I am fighting an urge to paint the wall rust coloured though………

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