Finally finished that Steampunk Armour I was working on.

I actually finished this a while back but hadn’t had a chance to get some pics of it.  So here’s the finished piece from the Lincoln Asylum 2012.

I’m fairly pleased with how it came out.  It certainly went down well as I spent most of the weekend being photographed by all and sundry!  In fact me Tom, Julia and Rachel often ended up with banks of photographers snapping us which was abit weird but very nice!

Shoulder Armour

I’ve finally finished sculpting the shoulder armour.  Took me ages to think of anything to put on the front of the shield.  In the end I went for a skull.  You can’t go wrong with a skull.

I then moulded it in silicon and gave it a fibre glass support case.

Here’s the finished mould.  Came out rather well actually, only one air bubble.

And here’s a cast ready to be cleaned up and painted.

Wow that’s alot of steampunk stuff!

So I’ve gone a little bit steampunk crazy recently.  First up I’ve made six pairs of goggles with various little lens type mechanisms on them.  These are partly to sell on Etsy and partly because I’m off to The Asylum – Lincoln’s steampunk festival – later in the year so we’ll need some decent props.

I’ve recently discovered some rather cool brass paint – Ormoline metallic paint medium.  This is a medium with which you mix metal powder to create a very nice metallic finish.  I’ve been using it to colour various steel parts brass.

They’re some close ups of the various goggles in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Next up is another gauntlet based on the design of my first attempt.  I’ll be flogging this one eventually too but first off it’s for my brother to use at The Asylum.

I’ve also started making a ray gun of some sort.  Still need to sort out a handle for it.

And finally I’m almost done sculpting the shoulder piece for the suit of steampunk armour I’m making.  Having some trouble thinking of something to put on the front of the shield, but once that’s done I’ll be ready to mould and cast it. Looking forward to painting it with the new metallic paint.

Steampunk Armour

I’ve now created a piece of chest armour to hold the steamphunk ‘arc reactor’ I’d previously made.  This has also expanded to include an armoured shoulder piece and also incorporate the gauntlet I made some time ago.

I figured if you’re going to have a sort of energy weapon in the palm of you hand you’d need some armour to stop you blowing your arm off every time you fired it! ;0)

I’ve improved the gauntlet a little with some new finger pieces – the originals had been abit crude and only covered the first two joints of the fingers.  I’ve also armoured part of the thumb which looks a little nicer.
The shoulder piece includes several leather shapes which I’ve curved by wetting them and then bending them round various pint glasses and pots while they dried to give them a rounded shape.
The sculpted section is being created in chavant oil clay and will be cast in resin with brass filler powder to give it a metallic effect.  I’ll also be aging and weathering it to (hopefully) give it a corroded look.

Steampunk Arc Reactor

So after abit of a break I’m moving back to doing some steampunk pieces.  This is the beginnings of a device that will be worn in the center of the chest and have wires leading down to my gauntlet which I plan to expand into an entire arm section.  Again it’s at least nodding to Iron Man (it’s mere coincidence I started making this after seeing the Avengers ;0).

This is made from pieces which I scavenged from some old industrial VHS editing decks which were being thrown out at work.