Lighty werewolf

Starting thinking about the werewolves again now I’m getting close to finishing off the Spinning the Compass video.  I need to build a small set for it so I’ve done a quick vid to have a go with lighting.  The idea is that there’ll be one light source which will be a window with sunlight streaming in through a blind.  I had a small grid suspended in front of the light to try an get a kind of lattice effect.

One time you really wouldn’t want a caesarean……..

Started on the moulds for the rather deformed embryo.

I’ve built the clay wall up in stages this time.  I figured it’d be easier for each section of the wall to have a secure piece of plaster to rest on as each layer of plaster is applied.

Quite looking forward to doing this one.  I was originally thinking of just sticking my hand in this to get it moving, but I saw this vid of the mechanism from the chest burster puppet from Aliens a few years back and it occurred that something similar might work here.

Mould making update

An update on the moulds for the main ‘old dude’ sculpture in my werewolf project.   I’ve reinforced it with a wooden frame.

This might be overkill but I was paranoid about it breaking when I cracked it open so I tried to make it bullet proof ;0)

Here’s the mould cracked open. It all held together really well which is a relief!

Interesting negative image.

Old Dude Mouldmaking

Working on the moulds for the old dude at the moment.


I’ve covered up the back with clingfilm so I can build a clay wall up around the head and shoulders.  I’m doing this in stages rather than building  a clay wall around the whole sculpture.  I’ve also sealed up the mouth so that I can get  clean mould line.


The front’s then covered in plaster.  As it’s quite a large mould I’m also building a wooden frame around the mould to give it abit more support.




DSC_0923I’m nearing completion of the sculptures for the werewolf project now. That includes the embryo, the old dude and the stop motion puppet of the wolf. The last bit I’m doing is adding the finishing touches to the old dudes arms then I’ll be able to move on to making the moulds.

This is one of the least enjoyable bits to be honest but it’s gotta be done. They’re gonna be plaster molds with a wood and glass fibre support frame.

You have to kind of tell yourself to stop after a while – you can go on detailing sculpture to infinity but you get to a point where they’re detailed enough to pass muster.  To be honest I’ve been carrying on detailing them after I strictly needed to simply because I hate making moulds so much!  Still can’t avoid it forever……


Here’s some footage I’m thinking about using for my werewolf vid. This is intended to be from the poor dude who turns into the werewolfs perspective, waking up dazed in a field having been attacked and staggering into a nearby derelict house where the transformation takes place. If I do use it it’ll need some insert shots of a bloodied hand things like that.