Photoshoot at Kew Steam(punk) Museum

DSC_0073So I went along to a photoshoot at Kew Steam Museum today.   This was in preparation for the forthcoming ‘Grand Exhibition’; a Steampunk exhibition of art and craft that will begin in Kew and head around the UK before finishing off in Glasgow.

This is being organised by the same people who ran the steampunk exhibition in Oxford, so it’s quite exciting to be involved.  In addition to this they also ran the Weekend at the Asylum DSC_0018convention that screened Oldroid.  Turns out Oldroid won the short film section!  Wish I’d been able to attend now!

I took along my steampunk goggles and mask for the photoshoot.  I’ve left these at the museum to serve as a preview exhibit for the main event which is beginning in June.  The exhibition will also feature the airship I’m currently shooting.

Kew Steam Museum is a rather impressive building filled with various huge and I mean HUGE steam engines that used to be used to pump water from the river into London.  These things are truly collossal – the halls housing them are abit like cathedrals of steam.

There were about nine steampunks in attendance in total plus two photographers and we spent the days diving in and out of the various exhibits being photographed before heading outside to a working steam locomotive which was pretty impressive.


Here’s a Flickr flash gallery of the whole day.