Making a W40k Servo Skull/Cyborg Skull

In this video I add a variety of mechanical pieces to a cast of a skull to create a Warhammer 40k Servo Skull.

Pressure casting and vacuum degassing

Here are some videos covering vacuum degassing silicone and pressure casting resin.  I’ve shown the process in various of my videos previously but I thought it might be useful to have some videos specifically about it for reference.  These videos were made at the same time so they’re designed to go hand in hand.

I think there’s often some confusion as to when you would vacuum degas something and when you would pressure cast something, certainly when I first came to start doing this I was a little bit confused as to when you would use both processes.  Generally speaking you vacuum degas silicon when you’re making a mould.  Pressure casting is used when you are pouring resin into a mould to create a cast and the idea is that you put the mould and casting material within it under pressure.  What that does is to cause any bubbles that get trapped in your mould to be crushed down to tiny points, thus eliminating any air bubbles in your cast.  




I’ve been having a go at doing some weathering paint techniques, mostly following this video by Scale Model Medic on Youtube.  It involves first painting a layer of rust using an enamel varnish and powder pigments.  You then mask off some of the rust with a layer of latex and paint the top layer.  Once it’s all dry you can peel the latex away to create quite a realistic effect.  You can also go back to the rust layer and reactivate it with a thinner to make it run.

Here’re some pics.



It’s a nice technique and produces some really realistic results. It’s also pretty easy to do.  If you’re interested, I’m using humbrol weathering powders.

Here’re a few earlier attempts.  I found you’re better off using lighter colours so the rust shows up more clearly.

DSC_7623 DSC_7628

I’m using the technique to do some chipped paint on a new piece that I’ve just realised I haven’t mentioned yet – going to be a big corroded robot face that I’m making for the Steampunks in Space event I’m taking part in later in the year.  I’ll stick some pics up soon, but here’s a preview in the meantime 😉

This is in no way finished but I’m imagining this thing was once painted but has spent thousands of years at the bottom of the sea, so there’ll be some trace of the original paint remaining, but it’ll mostly be all corroded and destroyed.



Here’s the video tutorial I’ve been following.

Kung Fury

I don’t normally do this kind of thing as this blog is all about me, me ME! (I am that self absorbed), but fuck me, check out Kung Fury!!

I’m really impressed with this. It looks great, is hilarious and the FX work is terrific!  I did notice a few Video Copilot elements in there too 😉  This sort of thing makes me feel the need to up my game as it shows what can be done on a budget.  To be fair these guys had a $600,000 budget which is a little higher than mine, but still, you don’t need to be a Hollywood studio to produce something awesome.


Been a while since I’ve posted anything.  A science course I’m studying got in the way, but I’m all done for the time being.  In the last few weeks I’ve been preparing some pieces for a small exhibition which will be part of a steampunk event taking place at the Markfield Steam Engine and Museum.  I’ll also be showing a loop of video including Beast of the Air, Spinning the Compass and a few other bits and pieces.

The facebook page for the event is here


Not posted in a while, not because I’ve not been doing anything, but because I’ve been doing loads and haven’t had a chance to get round to writing anything.

So what have I been doing….first off I decided to do a sculpture of the alien.  Despite loving the design and the film series I’ve never got round to making one.

Not sure why, a friends birthday was coming up though so this seemed a good opportunity to have a go.

The lv4026 sign is due to the fact it’s his 40th ;0)

There are some better pics here

Secondly I’ve been putting together some more steampunk items for this years Asylum in Lincoln.

There’re four of us going so we need four main costume pieces.  I’ve already made two here and here but need a few more.  These are going to consist of a half corset that will include a potion belt the beginnings of which you can see below.  I’ve also started a large belt which will include an old clock face.  Maybe it can be some kind of time travel belt or something.

I’ve also put together a bracer emblazoned with a kraken design.  I abandoned the original plan to cast this in resin with metal filler and instead opted to paint it.

Aside from all that I’ve been doing a few small severed finger gags to be used in a couple of ‘please turn off your mobile’ ads at this years Frightfest!

The main item is I’m working on a new music video, I’ll post separately about that however.

Being Troubled by a Glowy Menace

I’ve been having another go at doing abit more motion tracking.  The orb was created using a tutorial from Video Co-Pilot.  Tracking the orb to the shot was relatively straightforward, especially bearing in mind that I’d shot the video with that in mind. I even managed to track the motion of my brothers tongue!

The trickiest bit was adding in some grading to make it look like the orb was casting blue light on nearby objects.  I did this by duplicating the video layer, changing the colour of the duplicate so it was biased towards the blue then using masks to allow some of that blue to come through the first video layer in the areas I wanted.  In sections where the ball moves I copied the tracking data from the shot in question to an adjustment layer with a mask.   This then followed the ball around as it moved and looked as though the glow was tied to it (I hope).

After Effects

So I’ve managed to get my hands on the Adobe CS5 suite which includes After Effects.  I’ve used AE before at work but mostly to animate graphics.  I’ve been having a go with the motion tracking tools which open up some exciting possibilities – previously adding in shots of my models to video had been awkward at best as I couldn’t match the camera movement of the shot.  The motion tracking tools let you do precisely that so I’m having abit of a practise before me and Tom embark on another steampunk opus ;0)

In other news Tom’s coming over on the weekend and we’re going to do a simple vid for one of his songs.  It’ll mostly just be him playing the guitar although I’ll try and add some graphics to it I think.

Here’re a few short clips I’ve done.  Some basic stuff really but you gotta start somewhere.  I’m making extensive use of Andrew Kramer’s tutorials on Video Copilot.  Really does give you an idea of what can be done with the software.