Rise Another Leaf

I’ve finally finished my steampunk music video Rise Another Leaf. I originally started this video when Tom’s album came out in 2014 but never quite got round to completing it. Now that the album’s been remastered and re-released I’ve eventually got round to completing it!  There’s more info in my previous posts in the Rise Another Leaf category as it’s had a pretty long genesis!

Rise Another Leaf rises once more

So this is something I started working on about a year ago and then kind of got distracted.  It’s a video for my brother’s song Rise Another Leaf which I really like.



Going back through my hard drive, I’d actually done a fair bit of work on it.  We have a kind of ‘clockwork universe’ idea going on with a time travel motif thrown in for good measure 😉

The idea is that the time travel device disrupts the clockwork of the universe which is depicted here in a rather ‘in your face’ OTT fashion.  He even has clockwork DNA! 😉

10436169_10152563132581477_1866529570417823126_n 10708637_10152824095736477_6648332914147426161_o

Here’s a breakdown of one of the shots.  I made this a while back but seem to have neglected to mention it.  I’ve been making use of the 3D tracking plugin I have for after effects to add 3D backgrounds to some green screen shots of Tom.  The shot’s not finished yet but it’s looking cool so far 🙂

Some of the creatures have broken the locks on the door to lab 558

So I’ve finished my video for Some of the creatures have broken the locks on the door to lab 558.

I quite enjoyed working on this one as it comprised so many different techniques – scale miniatures, sculptures and puppetry, macro photography and visual effects.  I like the final video but I think it lacks a certain something.  It might just be because I’ve been staring at it for so long, but I think it needs abit more ‘oomph’ in the final few moments.  I had wanted to do some shots of the city being destroyed by the tentacles.  I had a go but didn’t come up with anything that I really liked – although I did use some 3D models within After Effects to create the city, I don’t have enough 3D modelling skills to create exploding buildings etc.  I was also running out of time towards the end as we had a deadline this time around (one of the drawbacks of having a record company behind you this time).  We’d also agreed that this video would be a little more ‘impressionistic’ than previous efforts like Beast of the Air, however I think it could’ve done with abit more destruction 😉

Here’s a shot of the tentacle being filmed.

2015-04-29 22


And here’s a the lab miniature.



I’ve been working on a tentacle for my Lab 558 video.  This is for the climax of the video, wherein the lab is breached and a cloud of pestilence and tentacles escapes and destroys the world 😉

I’ve previously posted the mechanism, this is a silicon skin that will cover it.  Here’re some pics of the initial chavant sculpt and the cast silicon skin:


As it’s a very long and thin shape I decided to make a mold of this inside some guttering pipe that I cut in half.  I then poured in plaster.  I like making plaster molds of chavant – as the clay is oil based it doesn’t stick to the plaster, so it makes separating the mold from the sculpture very easy.  Similarly, the silicon I’m using (Tinsil Gel 10 in this case) doesn’t stick to the plaster, although a layer of vaseline as a release agent is helpful.

DSC_5164 DSC_5165

DSC_5175 DSC_5994

I’m painting the silicon using a mixture of translucent silicon bathroom sealant (Homebase own brand if you’re interested 😉 ), white spirit and oil paints. It’s not quite finished yet, here’re some pics so far though:

DSC_6007 DSC_6026 DSC_6042

It should look quite nice once it’s all covered in slime 😉 I made this using a chemical called Borax which is something used in laundry detergent  and PVA glue – there are plenty of recipes on Youtube so just search for ‘borax slime’ if you want to know how to make this.   Some of the ingredients in the recipe vids are US specific however.  As I’m in the UK I ordered the Borax from ebay (I got 1kg which is WAY too much!) and used clear PVA glue (because I wanted clear slime) – the make I used was Pritt craft glue (you can get it in WH Smiths).