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So I’m pleased to say I’ve finally finished my bat creature.  Here’s a painted cast.  The final part of my video series charting the creation of this piece is also available below.

If you’re interested, these can be had from my etsy store.



Additional pics.

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So here’s the first cast of my Bat Creature bust.  I detail the process of making the mould and sculpting the bust in this video series.

I’m quite relieved this has all worked out.  This is probably the largest and most complicated mould I’ve made so there was alot that could’ve gone wrong.  As you can see I’ve cast it in two colours as I plan to paint the base stone coloured and the creature with flesh tones.

I’ll be detailing all this in the last part of the video series.

2016-07-15 08.38.30

2016-06-10 20.53.39 2016-06-10 20.54.06 2016-07-14 23.03.26 2016-07-15 08.38.30

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Here’s a quick sketch I’ve been doing using Chavant Le Beau Touche. I quite like it so I think I might develop it into a bust. I’m going to keep the surface as rough clay so it’s a little more stylistic rather than being a finely honed piece.


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Here’s the next installment of my tutorial series. I finish up the sculpting here and build a base for the model out of MDF and plastic. I also make a mould and cast up some detail pieces for the base.

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Here’s a new video looking at sculpting a bust of my previous Bat Thing sculpture.  I’m planning to make a mould and run off some casts of this.

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So here’s a new thing I’m working on.  It’s a smaller version of my Bat Thing sculpture.  I’m planning on making  a mold of this and running off some casts.

20160303_083551 (1)

20160303_083624 20160303_083551 (1)

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Here’s a new how-to vid, looking at painting this chap who is a super-sculpey sculpture I made as an xmas present.  Abit of a departure for me in that it actually looks nice and isn’t creepy! ;)

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I’ve finished my video series!  In this part I add the final bits of detail to the stand and give it a final paint.

I really enjoyed doing these so I’ll definitely be doing more.  In fact I have more ready to go ;)  I’m also away on an ‘artists retreat’ next week so I’ll be working on some new sculptures and videoing the work on them :)

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Here’s part 4 of my video series which covers making some more mechanical detailing out of various bits and pieces.  I also solder some pipes together to create a stand to hang the model from.

This was intended to be the last part of the video series however the video was getting a little bit long so I’ll be doing a part 5 to cover the final steps of the build.

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Here’s a quick update on my second robot head sculpture, Machine Head II.

I’ve now built a frame to hang the head from.  As you may know I’ve been doing a video series about the making of this piece and I was going to make part 4 the last part, however this has got abit more involved than I’d planned so I think a part 5 might be in order!

That does mean I can get part 4 up quicker than I otherwise would.



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