I’ve finished my 40k Space Marine sculpture.  This one got a little involved as it requires lots of individual moulds and cast pieces to realise the final version, but we’ve got to finish line finally.

Here’s the second part of my build series:

And here’re some more pics:

Zombies under pressure

I spent last weekend trying my hand at pressure casting for the first time.  It went pretty well and I’ve produced five casts of my zombie sculpture.  I’m currently in the process of painting them as you can see below.

20170518_134324Here’re the casts.



If you’ve not heard of this process before, it involves putting your mould and casting material into a pressure chamber and letting it cure under pressure. This has the effect of squashing down any air bubbles in the cast into tiny pin pricks and gives you a virtually flawless cast.  I had very few teething problems with this and got some very good results very quickly.

This is quite exciting as a barrier to producing good quality casts has always been air bubbles in the mould.  Now that I’ve got that sorted I can produce accurate copies of my sculptures that are good enough quality to sell, so I plan to set up an etsy shop selling some sculptures in the near future.

Anyway, I’ll be covering all this in detail on my youtube channel so keep an eye out for that.

First Cast of Bat Creature Bust

So here’s the first cast of my Bat Creature bust.  I detail the process of making the mould and sculpting the bust in this video series.

I’m quite relieved this has all worked out.  This is probably the largest and most complicated mould I’ve made so there was alot that could’ve gone wrong.  As you can see I’ve cast it in two colours as I plan to paint the base stone coloured and the creature with flesh tones.

I’ll be detailing all this in the last part of the video series.

2016-07-15 08.38.30

2016-06-10 20.53.39 2016-06-10 20.54.06 2016-07-14 23.03.26 2016-07-15 08.38.30

Making a Creature Bust from Super Sculpey Part 3 – Making a Matrix Mould

Here’s the next part in my video series in which I build a mould of the sculpture I’ve been working on.  This took ages!  So I’ve not been posting much in the meantime, I do have a few projects on the go at the mo which will be materialising at some stage soon though, one of which is a new music video.


I’ve been working on a tentacle for my Lab 558 video.  This is for the climax of the video, wherein the lab is breached and a cloud of pestilence and tentacles escapes and destroys the world 😉

I’ve previously posted the mechanism, this is a silicon skin that will cover it.  Here’re some pics of the initial chavant sculpt and the cast silicon skin:


As it’s a very long and thin shape I decided to make a mold of this inside some guttering pipe that I cut in half.  I then poured in plaster.  I like making plaster molds of chavant – as the clay is oil based it doesn’t stick to the plaster, so it makes separating the mold from the sculpture very easy.  Similarly, the silicon I’m using (Tinsil Gel 10 in this case) doesn’t stick to the plaster, although a layer of vaseline as a release agent is helpful.

DSC_5164 DSC_5165

DSC_5175 DSC_5994

I’m painting the silicon using a mixture of translucent silicon bathroom sealant (Homebase own brand if you’re interested 😉 ), white spirit and oil paints. It’s not quite finished yet, here’re some pics so far though:

DSC_6007 DSC_6026 DSC_6042

It should look quite nice once it’s all covered in slime 😉 I made this using a chemical called Borax which is something used in laundry detergent  and PVA glue – there are plenty of recipes on Youtube so just search for ‘borax slime’ if you want to know how to make this.   Some of the ingredients in the recipe vids are US specific however.  As I’m in the UK I ordered the Borax from ebay (I got 1kg which is WAY too much!) and used clear PVA glue (because I wanted clear slime) – the make I used was Pritt craft glue (you can get it in WH Smiths).



Shoulder Armour

I’ve finally finished sculpting the shoulder armour.  Took me ages to think of anything to put on the front of the shield.  In the end I went for a skull.  You can’t go wrong with a skull.

I then moulded it in silicon and gave it a fibre glass support case.

Here’s the finished mould.  Came out rather well actually, only one air bubble.

And here’s a cast ready to be cleaned up and painted.

One time you really wouldn’t want a caesarean……..

Started on the moulds for the rather deformed embryo.

I’ve built the clay wall up in stages this time.  I figured it’d be easier for each section of the wall to have a secure piece of plaster to rest on as each layer of plaster is applied.

Quite looking forward to doing this one.  I was originally thinking of just sticking my hand in this to get it moving, but I saw this vid of the mechanism from the chest burster puppet from Aliens a few years back and it occurred that something similar might work here.

Mould making update

An update on the moulds for the main ‘old dude’ sculpture in my werewolf project.   I’ve reinforced it with a wooden frame.

This might be overkill but I was paranoid about it breaking when I cracked it open so I tried to make it bullet proof ;0)

Here’s the mould cracked open. It all held together really well which is a relief!

Interesting negative image.

Old Dude Mouldmaking

Working on the moulds for the old dude at the moment.


I’ve covered up the back with clingfilm so I can build a clay wall up around the head and shoulders.  I’m doing this in stages rather than building  a clay wall around the whole sculpture.  I’ve also sealed up the mouth so that I can get  clean mould line.


The front’s then covered in plaster.  As it’s quite a large mould I’m also building a wooden frame around the mould to give it abit more support.