Dead Space

So I’ve finally got round to finishing my Dead Space model.  It’d been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for some time.

I’ve been having fun taking some pics and then adding various effects to the finished pictures.  I had in mind that these might be stills from a film or similar, hence the widescreen look.

There’re more pics available on Flickr or on the main site.

The Lady Of Pain

This a quick sculpture I made of The Lady of Pain, a character from the Planescape Dungeons and Dragons setting.

I’ve always loved the design and wanted to make a model.  It’s made from thin brass sheeting, plastic and milliput epoxy.

I corroded the brass using Scopas Cupra, plumbers flux and salt.  I’ve always loved the look of corroded brass so this was a fun project to work on.  I also knew the colour would look awesome once I’d had a chance to get the pics into photoshop.

Clockwork Robot – now with limbs!

Here’re some more of the wobot, now with arms!  I had planned to mould some pieces for the lower arms and legs but some 28mm copper piping seems to do the job just as well.

I also soldered some brass together for the elbow joints.  The arms are able to move and be posed which is handy.

I’ll be adding detailing to the pipes and I think it needs some shoulder pads too.   Oh, and some hands and feet 😉

Clockwork Robot

There’s a company called Cog o Two that I’ve seen at a few events recently that sell laser cut pieces.  It’s aimed primarily at the steampunk community so they do alot of cogs and clock parts, that kind of thing.

However I had the idea to use them to build a robot.  This is really just a quick and simple project (hopefully) so it’s constructed from a variety of bits and pieces – there’s some drain tubing in there, the lids of some spray paint cans and a few other bits and pieces.

More Dead Space

Here’s an update on the Dead Space model.

First off I’ve started constructing a background. The idea is that he’s standing on a ruined piece of corridor floating in space. There’ll be some necromorph infestation on the wall too.

This is made out of 2mm mdf some old packaging pieces and plastic tubing.

I’ve also been working on the back so the health and stasis display are taking shape.

And the plasma cutter is more or less finished too.

Dead Space – now painted.

Some painted pics of the Dead Space model.  I’ve now assembled most of the pieces although there’s still plenty of work to do on the arms and back.

I’ve also started piecing together a background out of MDF.  This will comprise a corridor with pipes and associated scifi paraphernalia and also some necromorph infestations which will mostly be made out of polyurethane foam.