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So as mentioned, Tom and Pete came over on saturday to film the last few shots for the music video.

We spent a while attaching the makeup before filming the guys against green screen.

I’m uploading the completed vid to YouTube and will post it once it’s available.

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Here’s the second piece of robot makeup.  The red LEDs flash.  I’ll let Tom and Pete decide who’s getting which one ;0)

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Here’s a cast of the robot makeup with an LED in place. I might add one or two others.

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Here’s the second piece of makeup for the Measure of a Man music video.

The plan is to have a bunch of wires and flashing LEDs hanging out the eye socket.

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I’m finishing off the robot makeup at the moment as we’ll be shooting the final parts of the Measure of a Man music video this coming saturday, so I need to hurry up!

I’m making plaster molds of the sculpture which’ll then be used to cast up gelatin appliances. I’ll be wiring up some LEDs which’ll be hanging out the makeup, flashing away.

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So, finished the Terminator makeup.  Wahoo!  Got to admit it was alot harder to apply than I thought it’d be, but then I was applying it to myself with one eye covered without my glasses on.  Still, it proved quite difficult and I had particular problems getting the edges of the makeup smoothed down.  I think it turned out OK in the end, see what you think though…..

And here’s a short bit of video I decided to put together.

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So here’s some pics of the finished Terminator makeup prosthetic piece, all painted and ready to go. I’ll applying this later and shooting some video so will post it once it’s all done.

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Just been doing quick test of my chroma key setup. This is very rough (the lights are in the way!), but it’s just to check it all works ahead of shooting the final scenes for the Measure of a Man Music Video

I’ll be compositing shots of the guys in their robot makeup

Over a photoshopped image of the demolished block of flats

Which has just been destroyed by this:

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I’ve made a cast of my teeth!  Why you ask?  Why not?!

It’s actually because I thought that at some point I’d like to make some makeup which includes fake teeth so I bought some dental trays so I could have a practice.  You simply fill them with alginate and whack them in your gob.

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Just a quick update on the Terminator makeup.  I’ve finished the metal skull section of the makeup and am now casting up the gelatin flesh piece.

Here’s some pics

The eye piece is made from a wheel rim from a toy car, the camera mount that I pulled out my camera when I accidentally smashed it, a red stud designed to be used in jewellery making, an LED and some foam core and super glue holding it all in place.

I had originally intended to have the eye piece removable and held in place by magnets, but it was proving quite fiddly try to get all that in one small space so I decided to just glue it in place.  I might try and make it removable if I ever decide to wear the makeup to a fancy dress party or something.

Finally, I’m gonna do a short bit of video with the makeup once it’s finished and I thought it’d be cool to have a terminator poster in the background.  As luck would have it the latest issue of Empire comes with one.  Awesome!

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