Old Man Mask

I had intended to post some casting pics when I was doing the zombie mask but didn’t quite get round to it, so I thought I’d do it here.  The sculpture was done over the same head as the zombie mask:


The two halves of the mold are placed over the ‘core’.


Silicon will flow through the mold within the cavity between the core and the outer pieces of the mold.


The two halves of the mold are then bolted together and ‘bleed holes’ are drilled.  These will allow air to escape the mold as the silicon is injected so that air bubble do not form.


The molds then turned upside down and a large syringe which I made out of drain pipe is inserted into a cavity within the core.  The silicon flows into the mold through the top of the head and up through the interior.  The bleed holes are blocked off with blobs of clay as the silicon reaches them.


Once the silicon’s set the mold is cracked open.  Here’re some pics of the silicon cast fresh out of the mold and also with a coat of flesh coloured paint.  It doesn’t look quite so orange in real life, think it’s the flash that’s done that!


The painting’s not finished but I’m quite pleased with how this has turned out so far.  Painting silicon is abit of a pain and it’s only recently that I figured out how to do it – there’s very little info out there detailing this.  The only thing that sticks to silicon is silicon, nothing else will adhere, so if you use any type of regular paint it will either not dry or flake off once it has.  You therefore need to actually paint the silicon with silicon.  You can’t actually buy silicon paint (well that’s not technically true – there is one company that I know of that does it, but it’s quite expensive) so what you need to do is mix a pigment with silicon and use that as your paint.

I’ve found the best way to do this is to use silicon bathroom sealant mixed with oil paints and thinned with white spirit.  As the bathroom sealant cures it will chemically bond with the rubber making your pigment part of the piece.

This works well with the silicon I’m using as they’re both tin based silicons.  Some silicons such as Platsil, which is used extensively in the FX industry, are platinum based so I’ll need to experiment to see if this method will work with those.

Old Hands

DSC_0348I’m working on the hands that go with the old man mask sculpture at the minute.  I’ve made a fibreglass mold of the head now and I’m just cleaning that out ready to inject the silicon. I’ll try and post some more complete pics of the process than I managed when I was doing the zombie mask. Once the cast is ready I’ll be painting it and punching in some hair round the back of the head and some eyebrows.

DSC_0339For the hands I’m sculpting them in chavant over life casts of my own hands.  This is to ensure they’ll be large enough to be worn as gloves.

First off I made an alginate mold of my hand and forearm.  Alginate is a life casting material that’s made from seaweed.  It’s commonly used by dentists to take casts of teeth.  It sets to a spongy consistency which is ideal for taking casts of the body.

It’s a little difficult to take a pic when your arms’ encased, but here’s a pic once I’d got my arm out. The mold was then filled with plaster.

As the casts were going to be used as part of a mold once I’d done the sculpture (they’ll sit in the middle of the mold in order to create a cavity) I reinforced them with some wire inside the plaster and by adding a layer of fibre glass on the outside.  Here’re some pics.

Behold the Ravages of Age!

DSC_0142Here’s the final sculpture for the silicon mask I’m working on.  Just waiting final approval from the client and I’ll start making the mold.

I’ve also made a cast of my hand and arm over which I’ll start sculpting some hands as well.  The cast came out OK, but I’ll be doing my left arm on the weekend which I hope to get a nicer cast of, nice enough to take some pics of anyway ;0)

Through the looking glass…..

So finally near the end of the horror film project.  By my count, since the beginning of august I have produced:

  • 6 x painted concept sculptures
  • 2 x sculpts of the mask props (a ‘hero’ prop and damaged version)
  • 2 x molds of mask sculpts
  • 5 x fibre glass mask props in various stages of damage (including a breakaway version that’s held together with magnets)
  • 2 x sculpts for the puppets of the child actor
  • 2 x fibre glass shells – one of each puppet
  • 2 x sculptures of the flesh section of each puppet (1 with a ‘goiter’ neck, one with a torn neck)
  • 2 x molds of the flesh sections
  • 3 x casts of the flesh sections in silicon (1 goiter, 2 torn neck versions)
  • 1 x sculpture of teeth section for final puppet
  • 1 x mold of teeth section
  • 2 x fibreglass casts of teeth section
  • 1 x sculpture of tentacle
  • 1 x mold of tentacle (this was a three piece mold)
  • 17 x silicon casts of tentacles
  • 1 x sculpture of hero embryo
  • 1 x mold of embryo (which I completely cocked up, but enough of that)
  • 3 x silicon casts of embryo
  • 1 x umbilical cord (made out of cast off pieces of latex)
  • 1 x sculpture of pregnant stomach
  • 1 x fibreglass shell of pregnant stomach
  • 1 x sculpture of flesh section of pregnant stomach
  • 1 x silicon cast of pregnant stomach
  • 2 x sculpts of wrist slashes prosthetic makeup
  • 1 x mold of wrist slashes prosthetic makeup
  • 10 x gelatin casts of wrist slashes prosthetic makeup

All of these elements have been combined into:

  • 1 x final hero creature puppet with articulated tentacles and toothy maw
  • 1 x wearable mask of final creature for the actor to wear
  • 1 x ‘transformation’ puppet with bulging goiter neck
  • 3 x embryo puppets
  • 1 x prosthetic pregnant stomach for actress to wear
  • Assorted prosthetic wrist slash makeup for actress to wear
  • 1 x hero mask prop for actor to wear
  • 4 or so damaged mask props for use in the various effect sequence.

Fuck me, that’s a collossal amount of work.  Partially my own fault really – they only wanted a mask that could open it’s mouth and bite initially.  I kind of convinced them to go for something a little more dynamic!

We’re filming this weekend, so here’s hoping it was all worth it!

Why you shouldn’t eat rare steak…..

I’ve put together a rough test video to show how the effects for the horror film will work.  Should look alot better (and more horrific) once it’s filmed properly by a professional cameraman (and not by me in my front room) and once copious amounts of blood have been added.


Zombie Shit

So I’ve been working on the zombie mask.  Here’re some pics of the mold:

Not pictured is a ‘core’ which sits inside the two pieces of the mold.  This is roughly the shape of a head.  Left is a pic from a previous mold I made, same principle though. Inside this is a….. ‘socket’ I guess where a large syringe fits. This is constructed from drain pipe – unfortunately you can;t buy syringes of the necessary size (about 2L) so I had to make one.

I’ll try and post some pics of all this abit later on as I’m fairly pleased with how it all worked (mostly because it did work!) The silicon is then injected into the cavity between the pieces  and ends up looking something like this:

This isn’t quite finished yet – the top set of teeth are missing and there’s some more painting to do, particularly at exposed skull bit on top of the head, but very nearly there.

Film stuff

Not posted for a while (again) as I’ve been crazily busy, not just with zombie mask I’m making (of which more in a separate post) but also with the horror film which may variously be called ”Extinct”, ”And It Came Home” or the”Arrival”.

Here’re some pics of the various masks that I’ve created and the horrid goiter puppet from which tentacles will erupt.

Having started building some cable mechanisms to make the tentacles move, I’ve found it’s far easier and more effective to stick them on the end of my fingers and whip them about.

There’s a few more bits and pieces to do on this, not least casting several more tentacles, two more embryos, finishing off the two puppets and various makeup effects.

Will get there in the end ;0)

Evil little bastard

I’ve also been working on the effects for the horror film I’m doing.  I’ve now cast the deformed embryo and several tentacles.

It’s just a case of putting all the parts together now.  The effects are gonna involve tentacles emerging from the puppets shown in my previous post so I’ve got a break away mask that will shatter as they emerge – that’s held together with magnets.

There’s also several different stages to it, so first a tentacle shoots out the eye socket and waves around, then a writhing mass burst out the mouth that shatter the mask (these’ll be solid tentacles) we then cut to articulated ones that will move – these are articulated with brake cables.

Then finally we cut to the tentacles fully emerged complete with horrible toothy maw.  Here’re the concept sculpts:

And here’re the full size puppets, sans tentacles and/or masks.