A few months ago I was commissioned to make a steampunk mask and bracer for a musician.  We had abit of a nightmare getting the items to him (he lives in Australia), but they got there in the end!








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I took some models along to the Surrey Steampunk Convivial this weekend.  Here’re some pics ;)







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Here’s a video of my weekend at Steampunks in Space at The National Space Centre in Leicester.

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Oh yeah, I got tweeted by HBO, which is nice ;)


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I spent the last weekend in Leicester exhibiting at the annual Steampunks in Space event. It was a fun weekend and nice to show off my various creations. I’m currently editing a video of the event which I’ll hopefully have up this week.





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A new video looking at making my Tywin Lannister sculpture.

I went along to the opening night of the exhibition.  There’re some great pieces there, mostly paintings.  I’ve included some in the video.  It was nice to be the only sculpture ;)


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I’ve recently finished a sculpture of Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones. This is part of an exhibition which is taking place next week.  More here.


This is a ‘mixed media’ piece, mostly sculpted in super sculpey but with resin, leather, fabric and foam elements too.  I’ll be doing a full build log for the piece on my YouTube channel, but for the meantime – have some pictures.




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Here’s a video looking at making my latest steampunk music video Rise Another Leaf.

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I’ve finally finished my steampunk music video Rise Another Leaf. I originally started this video when Tom’s album came out in 2014 but never quite got round to completing it. Now that the album’s been remastered and re-released I’ve eventually got round to completing it!  There’s more info in my previous posts in the Rise Another Leaf category as it’s had a pretty long genesis!

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I attended the Asylum last weekend, Lincoln’s Annual Steampunk festival.  I’m currently editing a video, but here’re some pics in the meantime.  As you can see I got to road test my exo-suit arm as well as see some rather amazing costumes made by others.


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