Steampunk hooooooooooo!!

Finally coming back to my Oldroid (or 0.L.Droid).  The effects for the horror film and masks I’ve been working on got in the way, but I’ve now got the time to turn my attention back to it.

Here’s the test vid I did a while ago as a reminder

I’ve done a little work on the 0.L.Droid puppet itself, mostly the eyes which are now more or less working, however I’ve mostly been concentrating on a new background character which is a more primitive version of the 0.L.Droid, maybe 5.L.Droid or something ;0)


The model’s made from a silicon cast of the face of the original puppet plus various bits and pieces such as bits from old action figures, batteries, bits of wood etc etc.  It has some degree of motion – the head moves left to right and up and down and the arm also moves.  I’ll be adding a hand too.  I think I’ll animate it to put on a top hat or something ;0)

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