Shoot Day 02

Grabbed Frame 01
Shot of the main mask prop.

So this was the main event for me really as all the effects shots were getting done on the second day.  Even then we didn’t actually get going until about lunchtime.

First up were a few reaction shots of the actress as she is attacked.  All this required was me flicking blood over her as she writhed about on the ground.  Not too taxing really and always good fun to start by chucking blood about.

Next was a scene where bloody slashes appear in her forearms.  I’d made some gelatin makeup appliances which had some fishing wire embedded in them.  The idea was that when the fishing wire was pulled a chunk of precut gelatin would come away.  Pulled quickly enough it should appear as though the slashes simply appear.

This is the bit I was least looking forward to, mainly because I’m rubbish at makeup.  I roped the producer in to give me a hand (he actually has more makeup experience than me!) but the effect looked pretty rubbish and I was relieved that the director decided he could live without the effect.  We’d already had some issues with continuity as well – the actress had previously been shot with her sleeves down thus meaning you wouldn’t be able to see her arms – so it worked out OK all around really.  I’ve decided I’m not going to do any more make-up effects, at least until I get some more practice in, they’re a pain in the arse!

Grabbed Frame 02
Puppeteering the 'goiter' puppet.

Next up was the creature effects which I was alot more happy with and actually came out pretty well.  There were several stages to this one with various tentacles popping out of the puppet.  The whole thing was given a good coating of slime and blood so I spent several hours also coated in slime and blood.

Once the puppets had transitioned from child to creature, we stuck a silicon and fibre glass mask on the actor and slimed him up which he was none too pleased about.  You’d’ve thought kids’d love playing with slime wouldn’t you?

Either way he was very good and advanced towards his ‘mother’ quite menacingly ready to tear out her unborn foetus (!).

Grabbed Frame 03
Shot of the final creature mask.

This was another bit I’d built which consisted of a fibreglass and silicon fake pregnant stomach.  I’d built a cavity inside which I could fill with the silicon foetus puppet I’d previously made.

An actress with similar sized hands to the child actor was then put into the creature mask and matching costume and proceeded to pull out the foetus along with a load more blood and slime.

We then cut to the final creature puppet which proceeds to eat it!

Can’t wait to see how the final film comes out!

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