I’ve been designing deformed embryos, as you do.  These are partly concept designs for that horror film, but I also plan to use them in an upcoming top secret project, wahahahahahahahaha.

These were done quite quickly.  I sculpted one in super sculpey then made a press mold out of putty silicon and pushed sculpey into the mold for the second sculpture.  I modified the sculpt slightly to add an open mouth – I kinda had to anyway as I’d accidentally squashed it’s nose getting it out of the mold.

I went abit nuts with the camera halfway through photographing these and got a bit experimental.  I really like the kind of look you get from setting the shutter to stay open for longer than usual – you just kinda wave whatever it is you’re photographing about to make it all swirly.

2 Responses to “Evil Little Bastards”
  1. Tom Slatter says:

    ‘Make it all swirly’ – is that a technical term? You and your jargon.

  2. Yes it is actually. I use a setting of 12 micro-swirlons on the whirly-gigometer.

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