Angel of Death

I’m just finishing off the last few shots for A Tale from the Endless Stair. One sequence I’d left til last was exactly how the demon enters the story. I’d started on a sequence where he crawls from the pit at the bottom of the staircase but hadn’t completed it. Once I’d finished off the intro sequence and had included the shots of an angel, I thought it’d be cool to make that idea abit more integral to the plot so I decided to include an angel character who summons the demon.

I knocked together a quick puppet which was basically a re-dress of the german soldier puppet covered in a cloak made out of a black t-shirt. I had the angel covered in scrolls and with writing on his chest, the idea being that he kinda holds the stories of everyone’s lives and comes to collect your soul when you die. He also has the same symbols that the demon creates carved into his chest – yep he’s abit hellraiser too!

The figures detailed with various bits and pieces from action figures and some scrolls I made out of some textured paper. There’s also real sealing wax holding them in place.

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