WWII Trench Sequence

Here’s a sequence of shots dealing with the WWII soldier characters from A Tale from the Endless Stair.  The idea is that they’re killed in battle and find themselves in the afterlife where they encounter the blue demon and the endless stair.  I’ve used the same footage of the moon for the background that I used on the previous shots of the staircase, however once they ‘wake up’ having died, the staircase will be visible in the background (it only appears to you when you’re dead or close to death ;0)

I’ve tried doing some ‘hand held’ shots for when the characters are knocked over by the explosion.  This basically involved holding the camera in one hand and the puppet in the other and moving them bit by bit. You get quite a shaky movement but it kinda works as the characters are supposed to be dazed.  The next few shots will have a bunch of german soldiers closing on their trench and shooting them dead.

The shots still need some touch ups as you can occasionally see where the set ends, things like that.  I also need to add some dialogue and proper sound effects.


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