A tale about Endless Tech Stuff……

So as mentioned, one of the videos was generated using the ’stop motion movie’ function on my Nikon D60. I was thinking about buying a digital SLR in order to get a better quality picture for the animation and this function swung me round to buying this particular camera. The function won’t produce an HD movie unfortunately, but it will do a 640×480 AVI at a variety of frame rates.

I’ve been using it as a reference to make sure my animation is looking OK as I go.

Once the shots are ready I use a program called MakeAVI to string them together. The program also allows you to crop them to the desired frame size (I’ve been doing them as 1920×1080) and then output them as a variety of AVI’s and at a variety of different frame rates.

This has been a huge help as previously I would drop the .jpgs into an editing program and line them up frame by frame by hand. It used to take ages! A big thanks to Dream Sorcerer for letting me know about it!

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