Rust Face Base

Here’s a small update on my rust face sculpture.  I think I thought up a good name for it the other day, but I promptly forgot it again, so it’s still called Rust Face 😉

Anyway, I’ve been working on the base.  I had to make a wooden block to screw the pipe that it’s built around into, so I needed to disguise that.  The round base is a surround from a ceiling light bracket.  The block was then overlaid with styrene plastic and the gaps filled in with Jesmonite resin (which basically seems like plaster with PVA glue in it).  I’ve then added a bunch of pieces for mechanical detailing.  I particularly like the motor on the side.  This is from an old VHS player.  It was all aluminium and plastic but once I gave it a coat of rust coloured paint it really made it look realistic.  I think the rust effect gives it a degree of scale so it really looks like an abandoned piece of machinery.

I’ve a feeling this won’t be the last rusty thing I make…. 😉

I’ll be taking some better pics of this soon which should look alot better than phone snaps.

2015-11-02 22.26.12

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