Rust Face

So here’s a new piece I’ve been working on.  It’s all come together pretty quickly.  It’s mostly an excuse for me to have a go at some weathering techniques that I’ve been having a go at, but I also had a vague idea of doing a head which was also an engine.  As you do 😉



So this started off as a sculpey sculpture with various bits and pieces stuck in it.  The back of the head is a lamp shade, the two blue bits are deodorant bottles, the black bits are the caps from hair gel tubes and the cannister is a NO2 container.  It looks abit weird here as I was initially going for a more stylised look.  I also had the head abit too short so it looked abit goofy!

2015-10-19 23.07.07

Once I had the sculpture sorted I used the same method I’ve previously spoken about – I painted the sculpture rust coloured, then masked off certain areas by sponging latex over it.  I then painted the top paint layer and once it was dry rubbed the latex away to reveal the rust underneath.

2015-10-24 19.30.48 DSC_7682a DSC_7686a

Almost done now – needs abit more mechanical detailing I think.  Here’re a few more pics.




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