Mimetic polyalloy

I’ve started making a model of the T1000 from Terminator 2.  I’m abit obsessed with the Terminator films.  Both of them ( 😉 )

I’m sculpting the head separately and will mould and cast this in resin.  I’m primarily making the body out of sculpey, but I’ve made the hook hand out of styrene plastic.  I’ll add these permanently once I’ve cooked the sculpey as they’ll melt in the oven.  I’ll blend them into the sculpture using milliput.

I’ve got a pretty decent collection of Hot toys Terminator models but I didn’t pic up the T1000 when it was released.  I’ve always preferred the T800 as the design’s so iconic and nowadays the T1000 is on ebay for about £350 which is a little strong for me.
However, given it’s liquid metal nature, I kinda think this character might be better realised via sculpture rather than the mixed media approach that Hot Toys use.  It’s also allowed me to add some details in that they couldn’t do, for example having some of the gunshot craters going straight through the body.  I’m looking forward to adding the chrome to this 😉
Here’re some of my Hot Toys Terminator models:
  10898040_10153050060426477_2786701788436105929_n 1014071_10152329330191477_1633133597_n 1513290_10152179556796477_1365964804_n20357_325808636476_94683_n

And here’re some more pics of my sculpture so far.

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