Steampunk Predator

So I had hoped to post some more in-progress pic of the construction of this thing, but with The Asylum 2015 rapidly approaching I’ve had to get cracking in order to get ready in time.

Here’s the costume so far.  I’m using a version of my mask and backpack that I’d constructed for previous events, I’ve modified the backpack to include the wooden arm so I can mount the gun on my shoulder however.  I’ll hopefully have some more complete pics soon.

2015-08-18 14.38.03

So the last time I posted, the shoulder cannon was basically just a wood and metal mechanism without an actual gun.  It’s come some way since then.  I’ve covered the wooden arm and mechanism in a layer of styrene plastic and spray painted everything green.  The gun is also mostly constructed from styrene and various other found pieces like lids from spray paint cans and contact lens containers.  There’s also a bicycle pump in there and I also cast some copies of those nitrous oxide canisters to include on the side as they’d weigh less than the real thing.

2015-08-16 23.10.56

I also had a go at doing some paint chipping effects by painting the model silver in places then applying some torn up pieces of masking tape.  I then spray painted everything green.  Once it was all dry I peeled off the masking tape.  It doesn’t look too bad for a first try.  I gave the whole piece some washes of brown and black oil paints for weathering.

2015-08-16 23.13.25

Here’s a video of the gun moving.

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