Rise Another Leaf rises once more

So this is something I started working on about a year ago and then kind of got distracted.  It’s a video for my brother’s song Rise Another Leaf which I really like.



Going back through my hard drive, I’d actually done a fair bit of work on it.  We have a kind of ‘clockwork universe’ idea going on with a time travel motif thrown in for good measure 😉

The idea is that the time travel device disrupts the clockwork of the universe which is depicted here in a rather ‘in your face’ OTT fashion.  He even has clockwork DNA! 😉

10436169_10152563132581477_1866529570417823126_n 10708637_10152824095736477_6648332914147426161_o

Here’s a breakdown of one of the shots.  I made this a while back but seem to have neglected to mention it.  I’ve been making use of the 3D tracking plugin I have for after effects to add 3D backgrounds to some green screen shots of Tom.  The shot’s not finished yet but it’s looking cool so far 🙂

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