Lincoln Steampunk Asylum 2014

So I attended The Asylum this year, Lincoln’s steampunk festival.  It was a great weekend and each year it gets busier and busier.  Apparently over 2000 people attended this year.

I love seeing what people have come up with each year.  The level of artistry on show is incredibly impressive and really inspiring.

I posted some pictures of my costume for this year in my previous post, but I think my friends stole the show with their matching costumes:

I ended up taking over 400 pics and some 200 odd of those have ended up here.

I couldn’t resist having a play with some of the pics though.  Jon’s coat was based on Neo’s coat from the Matrix, so this seemed appropriate:

I also had a play with colour too:

Finally a mention of Amy Smith’s amazing costume.  She really outdoes herself each year.

Here’s a gallery of my pics.

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