Armour amour

I’ve been doing more on the armour.  Mostly sewing pieces into place.  This is really beginning to take shape now and you can see how the final piece will likely look.  I’d originally used some fake black leather to mount the chainmail on but I found that only after a few minutes your chest would start sweating!  I’ve therefore replaced this with a bit of old curtain which breathes a little better.  It’s still quite tough and so it should hold everything in place OK.

I’ll be completing the detailing over the next week or so and adding some brass gizmos too.  I wondered if it might have some gadgets that add some sort of forcefield in addition to the armour, so a series of ’emitters’ here and there might look cool…..

I’ll also be ordering the leather dye.  I’m thinking of doing it mostly light brown with a few small pieces in green.  Need to experiment abit before deciding though.

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