I’m continuing to work on the armour.  I’d previously had it held together with some thread and tacked in places with hot glue.  Once I’d worked out all the the sizes I then pulled it apart into it’s individual parts ready for detailing.

Here’s the back piece.  I’ve used rivets to hold the main panels in place but the majority of the pieces will be sewn together.  Rivets are cool but do take up more space than thread.

I’ve needed to plan ahead on this piece, more so than many pieces I’ve made.  I usually let ideas naturally flow as I build, but in this case I need to plan quite meticulously as there are so many pieces.  Additionally I can’t afford to screw up any of the detailing work as if you go wrong with leather it’s very difficult (or usually impossible) to correct.

Here’re some sketches I’ve been working on.  It’s quite unusual for me to draw anything really but it seemed necessary in this case.  I’ve actually quite enjoyed it.  Might have to try and do it abit more often 😉

I also did a quick sculpt to try and figure out how the overall piece would look.  I was finding it very difficult to envisage what the final piece would look, even though I had a rough idea in my head.

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