Steampunk Armour

I’m making a suit of steampunk armour.  The original idea for this started when I started making some chainmail.  I didn’t originally have much of an idea as to what it would finally be but I did have a vague idea that it might form part of some sort of waistcoat.  When you go to steampunk events there’re always plenty of amazing corsets on display made out of leather with amazing designs.  I don’t see any equivalently awesome waistcoats for the guys though, so this has sort of become an attempt to redress that balance.

I’m aiming for it to be somewhere between clothing and armour, so it’s going to decorative as well as being protective.  Leather’s inherently tough, but can also be very nicely detailed.

I’ve almost finished testing out the sizes of the various pieces and will soon be pulling it all apart again and starting work on the detailing before finally assembling and dying it.

Here’s the beginning of the chainmail.

And a later pic.

And here’re some more pics.

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