I’ve been putting off painting the face of my angel for ages.  The only reason I’ve done so is because I’m displaying it soon!

EDIT: I’ve just realised I haven’t previously posted anything about this model.  Whoops!  I don’t have any pictures of the full piece yet (mostly because it’s not entirely finished).  I’ll post some when I have them.

The main reason I’ve not painted it is because I’ve been afraid of screwing it up.  It’s too small for me too easily airbrush and from experience I know that painting sculpey like this needs to be done subtlely, something that’s easy with an airbrush, less so with a paint brush.

Nevertheless, now that I have painted it I’m quite please with it, and I’ve even started to like the model as a whole a little more!

It’s not quite as subtle as I’d like but it does make the face seem so much more alive.  Here it is with only a small amount of paint earlier in the build:

And here it is painted.  It’s alive!

There’s still more to painting to do on the rest of the model to be honest, but it’s good enough to display.

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