Mouth of…..Steampunk?

So here’s a new WIP.  The basic idea here is that I think Steampunk is abit too nice, so I’m trying to do Evil Steampunk.

To this end I’ve got a sort of cyborg bust dude wearing a painful looking facemask/hat.  The picture here has most of it made in paper – I was trying to figure out the basic shapes before I went ahead and made it in copper and brass sheet.

Obviously I’m ‘paying homage’ to a variety of more awesome things here.  It recalls the Mouth of Sauron from Lord of the Rings and I also had in mind the Angel of Death from Hellboy 2.

There’s something about covering the eyes up that makes things look really evil.  The finished version will be covered in additional metal detailing before being corroded and weathered in a similar fashion to The Lady of Pain that I made recently.

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