Isaac Clarke, I presume.

So work continues on the Dead Space model.  I’m getting close to finishing although I’m concentrating on detailing the model at the moment.  I found a fantastic website ( ) that sells small scale bolts and conduit, piping that sort of thing, so I’ve been taking full advantage of that.

Here’s some of the detail around the neck.  This comprises some 2mm braided cable, brass tubing, part of a mechanism from an old VHS player and a piece of a 1/6th scale machine gun.

The chest display unit (whatever it’s called – they never really refer to it in the game) is hinged and can move up and down.  The wires that will eventually light some LEDs in the unit are covered in braided cable to hide them.

The black cable extending over the shoulder is a quick release from a 1/6th scale parachute (from the same one that I took the harness that he’s wearing).  I figured the RIG might have a quick release mechanism in case you need to get out of it quickly ;0)

I’ve also built some thrusters which sit in the back of the leg guards.  These were made from aluminium, brass and plastic tube, black milliput and the valves are plastic press stud fasteners from Hobbycraft.

And finally I’ve made a start on the most iconic bit, the plasma cutter.  Early days at the mo.  It’s built over a soldered brass framework.  The handle is plastic and milliput which I’ve filed down to the correct shape.  The front will be able to rotate.  Threading the wires through the square tubing was a little fiddly but got it in the end!

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