Cut off their limbs

So the Dead Space model is coming along.

I’ve found myself using many more techniques on this one than I’d planned.  First off the knee pad is going to be moulded in silicon and cast in resin.  I spent quite a while trying to find the correct shape.  In the end I incorporated a minstrel into the sculpture ;0)

The knee/shin pads were originally going to cardboard that I intended to cover in sculpey or miliput.  In the end I used shaped and soldered brass.  This is useful as first it’ll stand the temperature when I eventually come to cook the sculpey (you have to heat it to make it set so I’ll be doing that with a heat gun).  Secondly it’s made it easy to add in some small piston detail on the sides and thirdly the colour is really nice so I think I might even leave these as is when I come to paint them, or at least remove some of the paint so the brass shows through.

Soldering brass at a small scale presents a few problems.  As it’s so small the whole piece will heat up so it can cause any joints you’ve already done to fall apart.  I’ve found that holding the existing joints with pliers and crocodile clips is enough to conduct the heat away and stop everything collapsing.

I’m also using brass for the neck and chest pieces.  It’s proved a useful method of creating the basic shapes which can then be used to add detail to.


I tried coming up with some basic ideas for the helmet with cardboard initially.  There’re a few different designs from the games I like so I wanted to try and incorporate elements from several different versions.

The basic shape was built over the cap from a deodorant bottle.  I’ve created detailing by building basic shapes out of plastic and foam board.  I’ve then filled in gaps with millput and sanded it down to a smooth finish.

The final version also incorporates various found items and pieces shaped in brass.

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