Dead Space

So in typical fashion I’ve started a new model before I’ve finished the one I’m currently working on.  This is fairly typical for me.

However, I’ve just finished Dead Space 3 and was inspired to make a model of the lead character Isaac Clarke.

I love Dead Space.  The design aesthetic is fantastic and it’s like all my favourite films (aliens, event horizon, sunshine etc) rolled into one.

Isaac has a wide variety of different suits (RIGs) to choose from so I’m kind of making my own one here, but I’m leaning towards including elements from the EVA suit in DS3 and the elite suit in DS2.

Here’s the model so far – I’m sculpting it in super sculpey with various found pieces embedded.

As you can see I’ve included wires to allow me to install LEDs in the various parts of the RIG that glow. I’m also using a parachute harness from a 1/6 scale action figure as well.  The buckle is pretty cool.

The armature was constraucted from 3/16 inch copper pipe and soldered together.  I then built this up with foam board and hot glue.  I also squirted expanding polyurethane foam into it to further bulk everything out.

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